Can collective human interaction be captured using XR (VR/AR/MR) tools and methodologies ? 


Can singular human interaction be tracked and measured using XR (VR/AR/MR) tools and methodologies? 


Can human-computer interaction be ‘naturalised’,and if it could… how should it be?

Does ‘interaction’ define contemporary 3D animation practice ? 

How is ‘form’ formed in mind, nature and technology?

Is there an alternative developmental history for contemporary 3D Animation? 

What do we ‘do’ when we ‘do’ animation?  

What is ‘Disconnected’ when I interact with CGI Software, as an animator working in the stopmotion animation industry and the visual arts?

Can Practitioner theory be captured, organised, validated and disseminated effectively in Academia and beyond ? 


Is Practitioner researcher valid?


What is ‘world’? And, How can I ‘know’, In a world defined by physical and quantum physics.Simple questions…


Who am I ? What are my physiological and psychological limitations ?