How is ‘nature’ applied in game engine software ?

Where are the women in computer animation?

What is ‘Animation’ ? Could it be nested in an alternative contextual history ?

Can human-computer interaction be ‘naturalised’, and if it could… should it be ?

How is ‘form’ formed in mind, nature and technology ? 

Is the tension experienced when using CGI Animation and Modelling tools one of ‘Disconnection’ ? And if it is, what is ‘disconnected’, and how ?

Can Practitioner theory be effectively and efficiently captured, organised, validated and disseminated in Academia and beyond ?

How is Nature ‘mystified’ in Drawn Animation ?  

Can animation represent aspects of quantum physics ? 

Can Practitioner research be validated ?

How do I know ? 

Where is my ‘time’ in the world ? 

Where is my ‘place’ in the world ?

What is ‘world’ ?

Who am I ?