Is virtual reality ‘wayfinding’ behaviour informed by  built and ‘natural’ environmental design? …And if it is, how can this be both effectively and ethically achieved using the unity game engine?  

Where are the women in computer animation and the games industry ? 

Can Animation be more holistically understood through the lens of games development rather than cinematic film? 

Can human-computer interaction be ‘naturalised’, and if it could… should it be ?

How is ‘form’ formed in mind, nature and technology ? 

What is the tension experienced when a stop motion animator interacts with CGI Animation and Modelling tools? Is it one of culture, materiality, interface or periphery design… or something else? 

Can Practitioner theory be effectively and efficiently captured, organised, validated and disseminated in Academia and beyond ?

How is Nature ‘mystified’ in Drawn Animation ?  

Can animation represent aspects of quantum physics ?