Can human-computer interaction be ‘naturalised’,

and if it could… should it be?



Is ‘interaction’ at the heart of contemporary 3D animation practice ? 

What is ‘climate change’ ?  

What is a system? 

What are the mechanisms of control? 

What is control?


How is ‘form’ formed in mind, nature and technology?


What was my experience of early computer gaming ? 

What was my experience of early computer graphics creation ? 


What was my experience of material craft making processes ? 

What my experience of ‘Nature’ ? 

What is my experience of computation and computer graphics, as a child growing up on the cusp of a technological revolution? 

What is the historical context of contemporary 3D Animation? 

What do we ‘do’ when we ‘do’ animation?  


What is ‘Disconnected’ when I interact with CGI Software, as an animator working in the stopmotion animation industry and the visual arts?

whole_helixHow can I communicate my practice-based research to others in Academia and beyond?

whole_helix                         Can Animation represent the emerging methodology?

Can I (or should I) define animation ?

whole_helix                                              Is practice-based research valid?


Does drawn animation mystify natural phenomena ?

whole_helixCan Animation present aspects of Quantum Physics ?


What is a ‘quantum’ world?


How does light behave ? 

How do I sense ? 

How do I see ?

How do I ‘know’ , ‘world’ ?

What do I handle ? 

What are tools ? 

What is Motion ? 

What is life ? 

What is animation?


What is my role as an Artist, Animator, model maker, technician, engineer, producer, Director …

How is form, formed in the natural world?


What is form?

Where is my place in the world ? 


What is world?


Who am I ?




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