Sarra was born in Coventry, to her father, an engineer and musician; and her mother, a writer. She grew up on the outskirts of a small hosiery town where she spent her formative years playing in wild habitats, blackberry fields, cow ponds and brooks, near where she lived. Together with other local children; She had free access to the natural world.

In the early 1980’s, Sarra’s father brought home the families first computer, the ZX Spectrum . Together with her brother, She spent many days producing simple game graphics. Using BASIC code copied from the pages of Spectrum magazine, they watched avidly as a border flashed and a ball bounced across the TV screen. She also became interested in adventure games such as The Hobbit. Borrowing Tolkien’s book from the local library; Sarra drew maps and compiled lists of action words to solve this epic adventure…but that’s another story.

Sarra’s brother went on to work with computers in the car industry and became involved in the local Demoscene. She, on the other hand, went back outside to play in nature, grow trees and make things.

Sarra returned to Coventry University later in life when her children were small. She initially chose to study Fine Art and Illustration. However, she soon discovered Animation as her primary art form. Her early influences were artists such as William Kentridge, Theo Yansen and Len Lye, as well as eastern european animators such as Jan Svankmajer, Yuri Norstein and Lotte Reiniger.

In these early years, Sarra trained in drawn Illustration, CGI Animation and produced puppets, props and sets for the stop-motion animation industry.

She is currently preoccupied with the notion of immersion in ‘natural’ , built and virtual worlds. Having spent many years following her nose, experimenting with new tools and techniques both in industry and Academia; her work Has been screened in London, U.K,  Los Angeles, USA, and Hangzou, China.

Sarra is currently working with the unity game engine to create XR (VR/AR/MR) Immersive experiences and screen based applications. She is interested in how small details in a scene can contain deep information (semiotics), how participants navigate internal and external world space (wayfinding and mental modelling) while using all their senses to locate themselves in space and time (proprioception) and how these combine to create Intuitive, immersive and interactive experiences.