What does it mean to be human in a technologically pervasive, interconnected, interactive and increasingly immersive, informational age?  


Sarra Hornby is an interdisciplinary artist, animator, instructor and researcher. She experiments and evaluates contemporary 3D animation processes as she explores 9 vital interactions between humans and…



Differences in behaviour, value and beliefs in contemporary 3D animation cultures.


Humans relation to domesticated/wild animals and insects in the natural world.


Physical Materials, Light, Stop motion model making and Animation production. 


Exploring (in)determinism, (un)certainty, boundaries and freewill in Quantum Mechanics.


Extending human physiological limits through needle, thread, knife, paper, computation and software design.


Animated film and models produced using CGI Software. 

Stop MO

Animation produced in a stop motion studio.


Animated film, stopmotion construction, kinetic screens, sculpture, projected light, natural light and motion produced in wilder, less controlled and uncertain spaces.


The acquisition and capture of knowledge, external and internal modelling processes and communication in an in-form-ational age.



Sarra also produces commercial stopmotion animation, stopmotion models and constructed, contextual and drawn illustration which supports her experimental work. This has received a number of awards www.sarra.tv

Her practice research has been applied in her practice to produce projection mapping, kinetic screens and sculpture, projection art, ‘real world’ animation, ‘short code’ animated artefacts and a Visual Diary prototype App that has been designed to capture practice based research.

Sarra continues to identify and evaluate interaction embedded in her own contemporary 3D animation practice to extend the boundaries of animation and remodel animation theory. 

She is currently working on a print project entitled A/B. This work explores connections between climate change, mass migration, war and conflict in the Fertile Crescent, a cradle of ancient civilisation with a diverse culture, fertile land and a mountainous terrain divided using a ruler (several imperial rulers) and a chinagraph pencil…