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“ For me, art is a sense of feeling ones way in a world that has no edges; a dynamic, fragile, interconnected and complex world that constantly evolves under the finger tips and informs all the senses.

In my erroneous world, I fail and break, select, abstract and re-form on the inside. I project my in-forms outwards, as if shot from in an invisible slingshot, to fall on fertile ground to emerge, be recieved, reformed and returned.

I make art, as it’s the only way I can make sense of any of it “.










“What does it mean to be human in a technologically pervasive, ecologically uncertain world”.



 Research questions 

What is the tension I experience when I interact with CGI Software as a stopmotion animator working in the animation industry and the visual arts?

How can I communicate my practice-based research to others in Academia and the wider research community?

Modelled Interactive Animation (MIA) : Can animation be better defined by tracking interactive behaviour in Contemporary 3D Animation practice?

Can human-computer interaction be naturalised, and if it can, should it be?



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Research Questions





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