Sarra Hornby is an interdisciplinary practitioner working in the triangulation between Art-Technology-Ecology. Her research and experimental practice is an experimental exploration of space-time at the cusp of an
imated film, kinetic sculpture and projection... AKA contemporary 3D Animation. 

Early influences include artists working in the experimental traditions of animation such as Len Lye, Norman McLaren, William Kentridge, Hans Richter and Stan Vanderbeek as well as artists working in the broader fields of design, sound and the visual arts. Influences include artists such as Maholy Nagy, Anni and Josef Albers, John Cage and Rauchenberg. 

As an interdisciplinary researcher (and academic wanderer), theory is tracked between disciplines. Theory draws from the writing of Gregory Bateson, Johnson-Laird, Henri Bergson and William Ross-Ashby as well as contemporary 3D animation theory. Broadly, research interests are located at the intersection between contemporary 3D Animation, Cybernetics, Systems theory and Design thinking.      

Sarra is a member of The Animation Academy and Textiles research group with Loughborough University and lectures in Animation and collaborative practice within Visual Communications at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

In the commercial sphere, Sarra's work has received several awards including D&AD Student Animation (2009), a British Animation Award (2012) and a Golden Panda (2013), on which she worked as concept designer and head modeller.

Her work has been screened in London, Los Angeles, China and Taiwan.